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Medsearch Zambia

Medsearch Zambia is a wholly Zambian owned company that has been in existence since January 2018. Our focus is to make health care simple. And to enhance health seeking behavior for the Zambian population through easy to use Information technology. About Us

Target Markets

Our target clientele extends to all parts of the Zambia.  The customer base is mainly:

  • Every Zambian in need of health care related information
  • Public sector hospitals and health care providers
  • Private sector hospitals and health care providers
  • Public and private organizations

Business Capacity

The business is comprised of a managing partners with expertise in the Pharmaceutical fields; medicine and Information technologies, training and procurement consultant and other support staff members

  • All the employees of Medsearch Zambia are always ready and willing to provide clients with information about the company’s product and vision. They are also able to handle queries, ensure that the client is satisfied with services, and training provided as well as provide after sales support

Our Products

MedSearch Zambia App


Medsearch Zambia
Medsearch Zambia

Our flagship product is the Medsearch app. The application is designed to make accessing health information simplified. Using Information Technologies.

Medsearch Consultancy


Medsearch Zambia
Medsearch Zambia

Medsearch Consultancy Service is a team of experts is perfectly positioned to provide health information regarding medical conditions.

WASH & Laboratory Supplies


Medsearch Zambia
Medsearch Zambia

MedSearch WASH & Laboratory Supplies looks to satisfy clients requirements in the medical and WASH sector through healthcare expertise.