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Medsearch in Association with HBG Medical Assistance introduces Amrita Hospital in Faridabad. Amrita Hospital in Faridabad stands as a beacon of superior healthcare, offering personalized and high-quality medical services with advanced technology and compassion. With a capacity of over 2600 beds, 534 Smart ICUs, and 64 fully networked modular operation theatres, the hospital ensures optimal health outcomes for its patients. The hospital boasts departments like Radiology, General Surgery, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and support services like Clinical Laboratory Services and Nursing Services. Accredited by NABH, Amrita Hospital is the first university teaching hospital in the country to receive such recognition, ensuring adherence to stringent standards of patient safety and care. The hospital's commitment to excellence is further highlighted by its blogs covering topics like diabetes, bipolar disorder, processed food and cancer, and depression. For international patients, Amrita Hospital offers world-class medical solutions and exceptional care, providing services like 24/7 assistance, personalized medical consultation, translation assistance, and rehabilitation services. The hospital's focus on patient safety, quality healthcare, and personalized attention makes it a preferred destination for individuals seeking top-notch medical care in Faridabad, India. Amrita Hospital Faridabad's dedication to quality care, efficiency, safety, and innovation aligns with its mission to be a trusted and respected healthcare service provider, enhancing the lives of people through service excellence and cutting-edge technology.

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