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Established in 2018, Medsearch Zambia has grown into a significant mobile application and consultancy business in Zambia.
Combining a smart approach with innovative thinking and mobile application foresight, we design, implement, manage and operate smart phone application that grows our clients’ bottom lines.

Smart Partnerships form the cornerstone of creating a competitive advantage for our clients. Not only do they enable us to run a
truly customized mobile application, but a culture of collaboration and accountability.
Through partnerships with key industry players, Medsearch Zambia has developed numerous in-house and world-class competencies.
As an international provider of smartphone mobile application, Medsearch Zambia focuses on specific industries which enables us to create depth of experience and invaluable expertise within the chosen sectors. We are then able to leverage this knowledge for the benefit of our clients.

Medsearch Zambia is not only focused on making profits and performing at our peak. We are committed to creating sustainable opportunities that benefit us individually, as a company, the communities in which we operate, and the environment.

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