Audit of Health Services/Insurance Providers

In terms of Audit of Health Services and Insurance Providers, Medsearch Zambia understands that most organizations have a health department that either provides health services to its clients or subcontracts other health care providers to provide this service.

Medsearch will provide the following services;

1. Audit of Current Practice and quality of care

With the firm’s wealth of medical experts, we will be able to provide an independent external audit of current medical practice that is being offered by the client’s health provider.

Benefits to the client: external audit of the quality of care ensures that the clients’ staff are receiving the best quality of care based on current best practices and guidelines.

2.  Mentorship and training

Our firm will provide clinical and other health-related mentorship to clients’ in-house health teams.

This will ensure that the clients’ staff providing health-related services are up to date in regards to their individual areas of work. e.g. a company may have an onsite clinic with doctors, clinical officers who need to be trained on new guidelines for the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, first aid, etc.

3.   Insurance gatekeepers

Most companies have health insurance schemes for their employees and families. Health insurance covers the cost of procedures and medical treatment.

Medsearch provides an audit service, reviewing the claims made by health providers to the insurance to ensure that clients are receiving quality health care that meets current clinical practice, for both the benefit if the client and the employer.

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Audit of Health Services/Insurance Providers

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