With its esteemed status as the global hub of medical solutions, India has emerged as a frontrunner in the realm of medical tourism, alluring a staggering 2 million overseas patients each year. This remarkable feat can be attributed to India’s repute for being a heaven of curative measures. The nation extends a unique blend of cost-effective yet superior treatments, bolstered by state-of-the-art medical facilities, cutting-edge innovations, and proficient medical professionals. India’s proficiency in providing unparalleled healthcare services has not only established it as a vanguard but has also fostered unwavering confidence among medical travelers worldwide.

Our Indian counterparts in Business with whom we have a great relationship, HBG Medical Assistance is actively involved and dedicated to delivering Quality and Affordable Healthcare to people from the World overcoming to India in need of excellent Medical Care and specialty treatment.In the last few years, HBG Medical Assistance has had the pleasure of helping over 11000 International patients in their treatments/surgery and saving their treatment costs. HBG Medical Assistance has assists patients from 32+ countries, which makes it one of the most trusted Brands in Indian health care!
Medsearch is to make health care simple, to enhance health seeking behavior for the Zambian population through easy to use Information technology.The company has stringent ethical standard and is dedicated to providing quality services to their clients. Medsearch in association with HBG Medical Assistance wishes to provide Zambian patients an option to get treated in India. With our extensive research and penetration in Indian Healthcare, we have ensured that the Zambian Patients get the best of services at most affordable costs.

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